This page contains resources for carrying out surveys. (This page is being developed and we would welcome ideas for items that could be included. See Contact page for email address.) See this page for Guidance Notes on Getting Started in Recording. The NBN Guidance on Wildlife Data Verification and Validation can be found on the NBN website.

Wildlife ID resources
Some books and websites to help identifying wildlife.

A list of nature reserves and other places that are good for finding wildlife can be found on the SNH website.

Scottish Local Biological Records Centres
An up-to-date list of the Scottish LRC's and their status.

See also the NFBR website for contact details for all UK record centres and other useful information.

All record centres must adhere to the relevant legal instruments and they include:

National Societies and Recording Schemes
A list of the National Societies that are active in biological recording, normally dealing with a particular species group:

See also the Directory of British Natural History Societies hosted by the Natural History Museum and the BRC has lists of National Recording Schemes & Societies.

National Organisations
Other organisations which store biological records or help promote biological recording.

Suppliers of books and equipment to aid the biological recorder.

Some webpages with useful links can be found at