Why record bumblebees?

Bumblebees are poorly recorded in Scotland, there is a need to try and fill this gap in our knowledge. Bumblebees are important pollinators in the countryside, but modem farming methods, with their reliance on chemicals, are having a detrimental effect on these insects and many of our bees are declining. Some farmers have taken to buy in and release specially reared bees to pollinate their crops, which again has a negative knock-on effect on our native bumblebees. The garden is an excellent place to start the study of bumblebees. Many gardens have between 5 and 7 species, and some lucky ones have more. Don't be put off if you cannot identify all individuals right away. Start with the queens and gain some experience before tackling the workers and males.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust would like to hear about your bumblebee sightings and identification charts and distribution maps are available from their website.