BRISC encourages and supports every aspect of recording wildlife and wildlife habitats in Scotland, through local record centres, recording groups and individual recorders.

BRISC promotes the adoption of high standards and good practice in biological recording and encourages the contribution and exchange of data for the purpose of conservation, education, research, planning and general information.

BRISC supports all national recording schemes in Scotland and is committed to working towards a National Biodiversity Network.

The Strategic Plan details the activities of BRISC for the period 2006-2016 and stands as a yardstick by which the organisation can be measured.

A colour leaflet (.pdf - 140K) explains all about BRISC.

How do we do it?

  • BRISC is run by a Committee of elected Members.
  • BRISC provides a focus for biological recording in Scotland. For example we have produced Guidance Notes on Getting Started in Recording
  • BRISC organises a Conference each year to bring the recording community together to discuss current issues.
  • BRISC represents the interest of the Scottish recording community at the national level.
  • BRISC advertises training days for recorders.
  • BRISC produces publications relevant and useful to the recording community.
  • BRISC has representation on NFBR.

A full copy of the constitution is available here.

How to Join

To become a member of BRISC please go to the Membership page.